Earlier in 2019, relatives and residents of Sophiatown, an iconic suburb in Johannesburg, came together to recapture the past experiences of Sophiatown: exhibitions, mappings, conversations. Together, we felt: This is not enough. We need to bring archives and art back to these streets. And just like that, the Sophiatown Arts Festival was born.

 photo projects

Local photographers have a chance to expose their talents on one of the worlds greatest platforms.


Sharing the stories of Sophiatown and the rich history of its past.

mapping exercises

Documenting the past to preserve the heritage of Sophiatown for future generations.

collective curating

Engaging all community stakeholders to partake in an environment that stimulates social cohesion and growth.


Musicians have an opportunity to showcase their skills to the community and the world.


Make a mark on the creative legacy of Sophiatown by contributing your vision of this vibrant and diverse community, rich in culture and art.


Local traders and entrepreneurs will set up stalls to stimulate the local economy, we encourage all interested to contact us to find out more.