Readings in the park make news!

In an interview held on the international day for literacy, the 8th of September, Sophiatown Arts Festival enthusiasts Noeriena & Regi tell what drives them to spark the weekly Friday Reading Sessions in the Sophiatown park: Kids reading books, starting book clubs, inviting others to read. What else would one need else apart from a blanket, a book, a bunch of friends to create an inspiring, safe space? Sophiatown belongs to all who love it – yes, we’re open! Cherishing literatures from all over the world is also a strict way to say no to any form of gender-, class- or nationality-based stereotyping and violence – so needed in these days!

Thanks for all the passion and the sharing, Noeriena & Regi! And thanks to Yavini for sharing the link!

Sophiatown Festival, your pop-ups are so real!

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